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Personalized to your course, PrideSports scorecards offer multiple styles, papers and sizes to meet any course need. Whether you are looking for a sim
ple, 1-color card or a multi-color, full graphic design, PrideSports offers the widest array of personalized options. Need a custom size, rounded corners or
pencil holder? We can handle that as well. Contact us and we will provide you a no hassle, no commitment quote.
SIZES (FLAT/UNFOLDED): 4” x 6”, 6”x 8”, 4.5”x 12”, 6”x 12”

Paper Stock:

C1S 80# — This paper is coated on the outside, producing
vibrant colorful photos, while making it super easy to write on inside.
C2S 80# — This is our most popular stock... coated on both sides, producing
vibrant colors for photos and other graphic elements.
Matte Smooth — The smooth finish of this paper produces less glossy, yet
colorful photos and excellent writability.
Matte Felt — This textured paper stock has a soft, firm feel that is easy to fold
and write on.
Linen — This paper produces more muted, softer colors and photos and has a
nice feel and excellent writability.