Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale:

1) Completed credit applications MUST be received prior to opening any account and processing any orders.

2) We encourage establishment of credit card always accounts (time of purchase) for the benefit of immediate shipment.

3) Open Accounts are provided to customers with approved applications and verified credit references. Please contact us for the requisite Bank & Trade References Form needed to evaluate eligibility for a possible Open Account.

Open Account:

2% and any tiered discounts: 10 days; NET: 30 days. Discounts applied ONLY when paid within the terms. No discounts on shipping charges. Accounts will be put on hold if not paid within terms.

Credit Card: Due to increasing costs of credit card processing, a 3% fee will be charged for all credit card orders. 

*Please note: The use of a credit card after an order is shipping will IMPOSE A 3% CREDIT CARD FEE.

Finance Charges: 

We reserve the right to impose a 1.5% fee per month on all past due invoices. Based on APR 18%.

Custom Orders: 

Custom Orders MUST be placed in WRITING via email - jjorders@jackjolly.com

We cannot accept responsibility for verbal requests for custom orders. We want to ensure accurate and timely fulfillment of your special orders!

Grip Quantity Discounts:

1-24 = 2% discount

25-99 = 5% discount

100+ = 10% discount

(Discount ONLY applies when paid within terms)

(Excludes Super Stroke, and Discontinued Grips)

Order Discrepancies: 

MUST be addressed within 5 business days of the order date. 


Merchandise (other than received defective items) may be returned only if current, not worn, and tagged. Items cannot be discontinued.

There is a 20% restocking fee on returned merchandise.