Impact Powder

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IMPACT POWDER's mission:
"To positively IMPACT our community and to promote the enjoyment and involvement in golf."
How to use the product:
  1. Apply a thin layer onto the clubface
  2. Swing and hit 5-15 balls to develop a pattern
  3. Observe pattern
  4. Take action to improve your Impact point
  5. Wipe off, and keep in the bag - golf is tough.
Product specs: 
  • White powder designed for golf
    • Will not affect the ball flight
    • Doesn't get stuck in the grooves
    • Wipes off easily with a dry or damp cloth
  • Non-flammable/non-corrosive aerosol
  • Made in the USA
  • 50-60 sprays per can (~500-800 golf balls)
  • Shelf Stable/No expiration
  • Proudly partnered with the PGA Philadelphia Section & PGA Reach
  • A portion of all proceeds is donated back to the local section annually