Tour Tees

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White Tees Available now.

Limited Edition Black Tees available in 2024!

The first golf tee to feature Advanced Launch Technology maximizing distance and control. Tour Tee is made from high grade materials and is virtually unbreakable.

Performance – Advanced launch technology reduces spin and increases ball speed giving you maximum distance and control.

Durability - High grade materials make the Tour Tee virtually unbreakable.

Ecologically Responsible - Made from recycled plastic.

Approved - Conforms to the rules of golf.

Multipurpose - The Tour Tee can also be used as a divot repair tool and groove cleaner.

Customizable - The flat spine is perfect for corporate branding. Contact the office for details.

TOUR TEE Height (Inches) Cup Diameter (Inches)
Mini 1.75" 0.55"
Pro 3.15" 0.55"
Original, & Plus 3.15" 0.74"