Pulsar Spikes

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Enhanced Leg Strength: Pulsar is designed with a webbed
shield at the base of the legs to help with stability.

Reduced Clogging: The webbing between the legs is angled
so they rest flush against the bottom of the shoes.

Durability: The most durable cleat yet offered by Softspikes
while still supplying you with unmatched traction.

Comfort: Equipped with Reactive Comfort Technology. The
curved design of the legs reacts to the step for increased comfort.

Visible Color Coding: Each Pulsar has a color emblem
corresponding to the matching thread color.

Choose your preferred packaging - Blister pack, 400 spikes or 800 spikes.

*Pulsar is available in four standard insert systems:
Fast Twist, QFit, Small Metal Thread, and PINS.